Work flow (2016-10-01)

The biggest societal changes usually are not brought about by conventional politicial processes. So-called revolutionary turning points most often come from technological progress.
Abundant crisis in the world gives us the obligation to apply the possible means to bring about improvement. And today, we have the knowledge and the skills to create better forms of organisation — as, hopefully, the courage to do better.
Let us use technology and imagination to restructure economy and politics.
Connecting beyond our walled gardens. Optimizing the future for happiness and well-being on this planet.

Main Objective

  • Future as target of an engineering process
  • creation of a future simulation/construction/design shared workbench platform + community
  • a world wide brainstorming pool for ideas
  • get more people into future optimization (design competitions, academic cooperation, congresses)
  • apply open/libre/free software concepts to future engineering (openness, unit testing, version control)
  • aggregate solution recipes for »EVERYTHING«
  • this project is 50% code and 50% communication

Proposed Steps

  • build a platform to aggregate best practice models & solution tutorials
  • establish an open engineering platform for designing technology solutions (electronics, machines and appliances)
  • expand scope to political & economical models
  • modelling of organisational systems, causal relations, physical constraints, ...
  • invite knowledge, experience, wisdom, vision and criticism
  • be factual, not personal. competetive solution design instead of ideological fighting
  • develop software / communication forms for a better political decision-making process
    • LiquidFeedback: "proposition development and decision making" ("free software for political opinion formation and decision making, combining aspects of representative and direct democracy")
    • Protégé: "A free, open-source ontology editor and framework for building intelligent systems"
    • Simit, "a new language for physical simulations that lets the programmer view the system both as a linked data structure in the form of a hypergraph and as a set of global vectors, matrices, and tensors depending on what is convenient at any given time."
    • Drupal: use as base for web platform ?
  • consider & harvest advantages (positives) of the various historical ideologies:
    • capitalism: competition, motivation, progress
    • monarchy: clear power structures
    • democracy: freedom of thought, choice, speech & assembly + power participation
    • socialism: solidarity
    • communism: equality
    • anarchy: proactivity, joy, freedom/liberty, chaos
    • humanism: art, culture, literature
    • etc.

Potential Partner Initiatives

integrate functionality/partner up with initiatives such as:

Available Resources

  • billions of minds
  • a planet full of everything
  • vastness of imaginary and real space

@Philanthropists: sponsor a united future platform

resources where are you:

  • The rich tech guys (you know)
  • various foundations
  • crowdfunding?

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